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Stylophiles' Day Card Exchange

Every year since 2005, as the calendar nears February 1st, the hallowed halls of the Ottawa Fountain Pen Society (OFPS) ring with the cheerful greeting “Happy Stylophiles' Day!”  This is the day on which, above all others, we celebrate the love of all things pen.

In an effort to encourage the membership of the OFPS to put cherished fountain pen to exquisite paper, the inaugural celebration of this day was marked by the exchange of cards with other Society members. At least this once, we put all our effort into producing legible, even laudable, penmanship. Artistic efforts abound among the cards, and are a delight to behold.

It was the idea of the card exchange that led to the creation of Stylophiles' Day. Once the idea was hatched, there was only the task of selecting an appropriate date. The curious among us discovered that National Handwriting Day is celebrated in the United States each year on January 23rd—the anniversary of John Hancock’s birthday. Although this was a close theme, it was decided by the OFPS executive (under the wise guidance of the President, aka The Big Nib) that another day should be dedicated more specifically to fountain pen users. February 1st was picked and lo, Stylophiles' Day was born!

And thus it came to be that at the January meeting of the OFPS, among those who volunteer to participate in the celebration of Stylophiles' Day, cards crafted (or at least inscribed) by our own hands are exchanged. Peer pressure ensures that each year the “voluntary” participation is nearly 100%!

The OFPS welcomes all to celebrate Stylophiles' Day, either with your own card exchange, or by declaring an interest in our exchange no later than the first week of January in any year.  Upon your commitment to participate we will match you with another individual for a card exchange.

Members of other fountain pen groups who are interested in celebrating Stylophiles' Day are hereby encouraged to contact OFPS. We will provide you with any support and advice we can to help you set up a card exchange within your group or even between your group and the OFPS.

You may reach the OFPS at:

Happy Stylophiles' Day, one and all!

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